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Sportical On-Line Registration and Payment

Annual Club Membership Fees - 2019 (includes CKBC insurance fees)

Adult Membership: $135
Junior Membership: $110
Family Membership: $300

Individual Program Fees

Dragon Boat Fees
Adult Dragon Boat Race Fees: $100
Junior Dragon Boat Race Fees: $45

Sprint Canoe & Kayak (Flatwater) Program Fees:
Spring 2019: Junior Development Team Program: $385
Spring 2019: High Performance Team Program: $220

Summer 2019: Junior Development Team Program: $300
Summer 2019: High Performance Team Program: $400
*Sprint Canoe & kayak athletes that compete in one or more Regattas also pay a CKBC Competitive Membership Fee**

For more information on any of these programs go to: Programs

Junior Sprint Canoe & Kayak (Flatwater) Race Fees: paid on a per race basis throughout the season

There may be other fees associated with extra competitions that members choose to do, CORA membership fees for outrigger paddlers choosing to race, etc.

Volunteer Commitment

The PCA is a volunteer organization. To maintain the viability of the club we depend on members to support us in areas such as club administration, event planning, equipment maintenance, mentoring/coaching, race organization, website/social media, fundraising and grants. Members (or parents of youth members) will be required to commit to a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer time with the club per season. If you choose not to do those hours, then a fee of $50 will be added to your next year’s dues. You can fulfill your volunteer hours in a few different ways:

• Attend one of the main spring or fall work parties
• Help out with a club event (which includes transportation of equipment and supervision at events)
• Become a member of the board or a member of one of the committees do those hours
• Complete tasks on a posted to-do list at the boathouse

There will be a sheet at the boathouse to record volunteer hours.