Summer Programming & BC Summer Games Development Camp!

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Summer is just around the corner...

which means it's time to plan for more paddling!!

Pemberton Canoe's SUMMER programming schedule is open for registration.
For program details & registration:

The 2020 BC Summer Games will be happening in Maple Ridge on July 23-26, 2020.


On July 13, 2019, CKBC is hosting a BC Summer Games Devlopement Camp at One Mile.

Come out, have some fun and meet paddlers from Zone 5. Learn to paddle in the boats you'll be competing in.

At the BC Summer Games, athletes (under 16 years old as of January 1, 2020) are encouraged to participate in multi-discipline paddling events: canoe (singles, doubles and fours), kayak (singles, doubles, and fours) and a whitewater slalom event.

In all cases, the goal is to be the fastest and with the exception of slalom, the athletes race in straight lines from start line to finish. Slalom paddling requires the paddlers to pass through or around, without touching, markers and/or “gates” and still finish with the best time.

The CKBC goal is to ensure that athletes just entering the sport have a positive experience by providing a multi-stream competition. To encourage development in our outlying zones, age eligible athletes are able to experience a Games opportunity in both a 'Learn to Train' and subsequent 'Train to Train' category.

To register for the development camp: REGISTER HERE

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