Pemberton Canoe Association’s mission is to provide lifelong paddling opportunities, recreational and competitive, in our diverse community. So whether you are looking to keep fit, have fun, or join a world-renowned team, we have a spot waiting for you.

The End of Paddling Season is on the Horizon

The Pemberton Canoe Association has had a busy August and there are still a few more events to happen in September, but we can start to see the end of paddling season with cooler mornings already starting. The flat water paddlers already attended two events in August. They were at the Ridge… Keep reading →

Paddle-a-thon & Open House

The Pemberton Canoe Association's Paddle-a-thon Fundraiser and Open House is taking place this Saturday, July 9, 2016 at One Mile Lake. From 10:00 am - noon, paddlers from the club will be seeing how many 200m laps they can complete in 30 minutes. Feel free to come on down and cheer them on! … Keep reading →

A Busy Season So Far

There have been many events going on with the Pemberton Canoe Association in the first few months of the season. The flat water team has attended two more events. 11 members of the team participated in the first BC Cup Race on the season in Burnaby on Saturday, May 21. There were lots of great… Keep reading →